Outside Lands Kicks Off Today!

Summertime is festival time, there’s no two ways about it. Music festivals, food festivals, wine festivals, art festivals; basically come up with any reason to gather a community of people outdoors and you’ve got yourself a festival.

The secret to success lies in either A. being in a unique location (Govenor’s Island, Telluride CO), B. serving a unique community (Burning Man), C. having a stellar line-up (fill in the blank) or D. fusing various types of festivals into one big affair (Googa Mooga, anyone?). A festival that satisfies all of these criteria?  Outside Lands, my friends.

Only in its fifth year, this celebrated festival is taking over Golden Gate Park in San Francisco from August 10th to the 12th. Being that it’s San Francisco, the festival encourages sharing rides, refilling water bottles and volunteering to help clean up the park during the off hours.  Beyond that, it’s the place to be to grab some of the best food the Bay Area has to offer (plenty of tacos and empanadas plus BBQ, curries and, of course, vegetarian delights). In addition, there’s also a respectable focus on wine and beer (appropriately designated as Wine Lands and Beer Lands) and an impressive line-up of comedians (David Cross, Reggie Watts), DJs, visual art and even panel discussions with the musicians. Yes, let’s not forget the musicians. With over 50 bands rotating across 4 stages for 10 hours a day, there’s absolutely something for everyone…

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Kishi Bashi: Full Interview

Another excerpt from my recent interview with Kishi Bashi:

[…]  Years ago, while his pop-rock band Jupiter One was opening for Regina Spektor, Ishibashi fell into solo performances out of necessity. “Jupiter One was a very heavy beast to tour around the country, so I wanted something mobile and independent,” he explains.

When Spektor’s tour went to Australia, he had to leave his band behind. “I was playing solo, basically like a stripped down version of Jupiter One, and I got this huge response — it was ridiculous. I had to bootleg my CDs because I was selling over 100 a night.” His drummer, Dave Heilman, joined at the end of the tour and suggested that Ishibashi do a solo album. “The more I thought about it, the more it made sense,” he recalls, “I had a lot of songs, and this whole other side to me that wouldn’t really work with Jupiter One.”

Soon afterwards, Ishibashi jumped on board with Of Montreal and was immediately inspired by lead singer Kevin Barnes. “There was a whole new style, a level of complexity that I’d never thought of before. I never understood just how dense his compositions were.” And, like Barnes, Ishibashi was “into the idea of self-producing, instead of being a slave to a producer or being pressured for studio time.” […]

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and check out this striking music video of hit song “Manchester”: