Northside Festival Takes Over Williamsburg

As though you didn’t already have enough on your calendar for the summer (Food fairs! Music festivals! Outdoor movies!), there’s even more live music vying for your attention this weekend.  The fourth annual Northside Festival kicks off on Thursday night and provides a prime opportunity to discover great new bands right here in Brooklyn, an area rife with them.  Music is only one aspect of this eight-day affair, founded by brothers Scott and Daniel Stedman (who launched L Magazine); there is also visual art, panels on entrepreneurship, and a full-fledged indie film festival/competition to round things out.

These four nights of music are dedicated to showcasing emerging bands, and with around 350 participating, there is plenty to explore. Music labels, websites and agencies will be presenting shows at all the usual Williamsburg/Greenpoint hotspots: you name it, Northside has it booked. Keep in mind, though, that most bands only play one or two sets, so your chances to catch them are limited. While last year’s line-up featured more big names (Beirut, Hospitality, Sharon Van Etten), the level of diversity and activity this time around assures that there will be no problem finding new favorites. So clear your calendar for a few nights and check things out; if you want to take our word for it, here’s ten bands to put at the top of your list…

<< see list  >>

…here are a few hints:

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