Galactic Blew Through Brooklyn Bowl

The spirit of New Orleans permeated Brooklyn Bowl last Friday as Galactic planted themselves on the stage for four consecutive nights of raucous musical celebrations.  The spirit was alive not only in the brilliant blues, soul and funk music but also in the tireless energy of the performers.  If The Stooges Brass Band hadn’t been on deck for the after-party set, Galactic could’ve (and would’ve) gone on well past their two-hour mark.

[…] it became increasingly difficult to keep track of all of the various musicians who joined them onstage, but singer Corey Glover and the stellar Corey Henry on trombone also featured prominently in the line-up.   In addition, there was the soulful woman accompanied by four men on bass drums who brought an element of Latin dance to the soundscape, plus the three men who duplicated the trombone and saxophone and added a trumpet to the mix, expanding upon the powerhouse horns already stealing the spotlight.  With moments of heavy bass lines, crying harmonicas, screaming trombones and superb vocal scatting, the set was one helluva party.

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