Hoots & Hellmouth Hoot and Holler at Mercury Lounge

As the crowd at Mercury Lounge wavered between revelatory dancing and distracted social chatter, it was clear which songs in Hoots & Hellmouth’s  exuberant set were the favorites. […]

The crowd’s enthusiastic reaction to the older songs was testament to their longevity. The bounding tempo and rapid-fire lyrics of “Home for Supper” (from the band’s first album) had the audience bouncing and whirling around each other, their hands up in the air clapping along jubilantly. The down and dirty blues song “It’s Close, I’m Come Undone” (from a 2008 compilation cd), with its gutteral moans, gospel rhythms and screaming harmonica had everyone writhing with desire. It was the best gospel you ever did hear city boys sing.  (see for yourself in the video below)

The evening began with two Boston bands: the guitar/cello duo Tall Heights, with tight arrangements and pleasing harmonies, followed by Darlingside. The five men in this band bring together a range of musical influences that result in dense compositions and a slew of musical styles. There are distinct phases in the songs sparked by changing tempos or melodies and occasional moments of ingenuity, such as dropping the instruments and clapping in rhythmic unison. […]

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