Dirt Cake.

To say there was an abundance of tantalizing edibles at the Great Googa Mooga Festival in Prospect Park over the weekend is an understatement.  To say the lines for said edibles were long is putting it mildly.  But there was one stand, tucked away amongst the row of sweet treats, that seemed to slip by under the radar.  A shame for all those who missed out, but a triumph for me at having discovered it and relished in the lack of a line of people clamoring to get a taste. 

Dirt Cake.  I first caught sight of this delectable in the eager hands (and soon thereafter all over the face) of a girl, maybe three years old.  I wanted one of my own.  The delectable, not the three year old.

After some serious detective work tracing it back to its source, it became a toss-up between one of these chocolate concoctions or a Shaved Ice from Wooly’s nearby.  The length of the stagnant line at Wooly’s made the choice pretty clear.  And a good choice it was.

This thing was heaven.  Smiling ladies in paisley bandanas plucked plastic cups out of a large glass box filled with crumbled cookies made to look like dirt.  The cup was filled with a velvety milk chocolate pudding, dotted lightly with sea salt and small crunchy chocolate balls.  Slivers of candied jellied orange were tucked within the chocolate and square chunks of soft brownies sat on top.  A trace of rich, salty caramel swirled down between the brownie bits, and the whole thing was topped off with a cloud of orange-infused whipped cream.  Peeking out through the hole on the plastic lid were candied jelly worms, slightly tart, that lent an intriguing texture in contrast to the smooth pudding.  Needless to say, it was gone pretty quickly and I wanted another.

And I should’ve had one, too, since this was a one-shot deal.  As the stand attested, the woman behind these treats was Katzie Guy-Hamilton, the pastry chef at the Grand Hyatt hotel, who has no plans to grace other fairs and festivals with her confections.  Makes me wonder if  there might just be a big glass planter of crumbled cookies stationed somewhere in that hotel.  Man, I hope there is.


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