Feist and Friends at Radio City Music Hall

“We brought some friends with us tonight,” Ms. Leslie Feist cooed from the mammoth stage at Radio City Music Hall on Saturday night. She was referring to the full orchestra arranged behind her, but the statement also applied to the roughly 5,900 eager fans in the audience who she made a point of befriending. […]

During her two hours onstage, Feist infused songs from each of her three albums with new vitality, building upon the intrigue of her sound without attempting to reimagine things entirely (a more melancholy spin on her hit “Mushaboom” for example). The subtleties of her voice and her music were never overpowered by the near 20 musicians behind her on strings, horns and percussion, plus the ladies of a capella band Mountain Man on backup vocals. […]

The three members of the opening band Timber Timbre … wet the palates of the audience, both for Feist as well as for a further taste of their own haunting music. Themes of death flicker through the songs, dripping with the blues and colored by ominous sounds of whistles, birdcalls and whirring violin. […]

<< read the full review here >>

 ** This video is obviously not from the show at Radio City, but is a pretty good parallel…


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