Good Old War, Footloose and Fancy-Free at Bowery Ballroom

There was a whole lot of dancing going on at Bowery Ballroom last Wednesday night, and while the moves happening onstage weren’t necessarily skillful, they were uninhibited and inspired.

The dancing began in the second set when Barbara Gruska, the sprightly, smiling lead singer of brother/sister band The Belle Brigade, relinquished her guitar and moved to the drums. She promised some serious dancing from the now misplaced drummer, who, tambourine in hand, did not disappoint. These three guys and a gal play music with irresistible, honky-tonk bass lines, rock and roll guitar, crooning harmonies and astute lyrics. Plunging into “Where Not To Look For Freedom”, the drummer’s erratic dance moves almost outshone the song’s rollicking rhythms and fiery melody. Fueled by fervent cheers from the audience, drummer Tim Arnold from the headlining band Good Old War  soon joined in the revelry…   

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Good Old War


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