The Lumineers Came Home to New York

The Lumineers

It took moving halfway across the country, from New York to Colorado, for Wesley Schultz and Jeremiah Fraites to draw a crowd in Brooklyn — well, that and some irresistible blues rock songs. But draw a crowd they did, when their band, The Lumineers, sold out the Music Hall of Williamsburg on April 21st.  The humble energy of the four members of the band (plus a friend joining on the opening songs) was colored with gratefulness. Schultz, ever earnest, commented “We’ve never sold out a show in New York before, so thank you.”

The Lumineers were preceded by Kopecky Family Band whose brand of rock folds in trombones, tambourines, a xylophone, an accordion and a cello. These six young musicians from Nashville sure seem to be enjoying the ride, but their sound gets a little blurry around the edges in a live performance.

Chris Pureka was slipped into the first opening slot at the last minute, resulting in some confused speculation from the audience. With her short hair tucked under a flat brimmed baseball hat, her androgynous appearance and deep, weathered voice didn’t help clarify things, but her sweeping melodies and stirring blues tempos piqued the interest of the mingling crowd…

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