SXSW: Next edition

Club Deville.  8 pm.

Sarah Jaffe.

Under the big tent outside of Club Deville, the audience for Sarah Jaffe’s set was mostly transfixed by her cathartic songs, and yet there was just enough chatter to disrupt the intimacy of the music.  Jaffe’s voice is soothing, made all the more appealing by its innate, raw quality.  Her contemplative lyrics are tenderly articulated, and then enhanced by layers of keys, drums, electric guitar and bass and a synthesizer.  She is a singer/songwiter with a rock band in tow. She sings gently, saving the power behind her voice for select moments when she unleashes, as in the dark and desperate ballad “Pray for Love”.

The standard 40 minute SXSW set was over too soon and the audience erupted in cries and pleas for more when Jaffe announced that her time was up.  But it was in vain.  On to the next.  Like they say, better to leave them wanting more, right?  And she did.


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