Wow. Theresa Andersson.

I only caught the end of her set at Joe’s Pub, and was a fool for it, as it was clear that Swedish musician Theresa Andersson gave an incredible performance.  I say musician because Andersson is so much more than a singer, though that in no way is meant to diminish her powerful pipes.  She is a tried and true jazz singer with a rich, velvety sound and an impressive ability to unleash and wail.  But she has decided to shake things up a little, and who needs a band anyway?  That’s right, she is the full package all in one.  Working with looping machines, and utilizing only a couple of drums and a violin,  she singularly creates sounds that are more rich and textured than many multi-member bands.  She lays down track after track; I think I counted six on her thrilling rendition of the jazz standard “Blue Skies”- two percussive lines, two violin lines, and then two vocal harmony lines which she then topped with very skillful jazz scatting (or nonsense percussive syllables). 

The composition of her songs is meticulously coordinated and rehearsed to the point that she breezes through them effortlessly.  Loops would come up that you didn’t even notice her laying down.  She admitted to the amount of intense focus required for her music, and also implied that this (along with the fact that she is a new mother) is the reason she has not been touring or making albums.  To me, it just looked like she was having a blast.  It made me want to buy a vocal looping machine.

I don’t know quite when she popped onto the scene in America, and I don’t know when she’ll be back (she mentioned maybe June), but I for one will not miss her the next time.  Trust me, you shouldn’t either.


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