You’ve Got the Right

The following is a comment left on the New York Times website by Ray Sison of New Jersey in regards to the explosive debate over Obama’s Contraception Rule:

This debate reminds me of Romney’s statement: “Corporations are people, my friend.”
In this case, the Catholic Church as an institution is asking to be treated as a person with rights as citizens. It should concern us all when corporations or institutions are treated preferentially over individuals. In this case, the right of the Church to exercise its beliefs over the rights of the women it employs is the core of the debate.
When given the choice between the right of an individual over the right of a corporation or institution, the government has a responsibility to protect the individual.

This is good, people.  He’s not really picking sides between Republicans and Democrats, he’s not outwardly bemoaning the Catholic church, he’s not even getting wrapped up in the increasingly absurd threats towards women’s health as of late.  I mean, yes, you can sense where he stands on all of those things, but mostly he is just drawing a distinction as far as basic rights are concerned.  And it is a great one.
Obviously, as a country, we cannot always give each individual what they want or what they feel they are entitled to.  There are too many differing values and beliefs and unwavering opinions of what is right and wrong.  But I think the intent to leave the decisions dictated by all of these different points of view up to the individuals making them is the closest we will get.  At the end of the day, the polls and the surveys, the sermons and the precedents, are irrelevant.  It comes down to an individual’s right to choose, to think for themselves, to have the freedom of being given options.  We are the land of the free, aren’t we?  Maybe we need to sing that line a little louder.

The comment can be found, among others, following the article here.


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